BCM Mattenschweißanlagen

BCM series mesh plants

For the prompt production of special meshes and reinforcements for frame profiles

The BCM series mesh plants have been designed principally for those companies requiring a cost-effective production capability to respond to demand for engineered mesh at short notice.

A BCM plant equipped with bending machinery integrated into the production line has been developed for the automatic production from mesh of cages for box culverts, septic tanks etc. 

In-plant mesh production eliminates the need for mesh stockholding and the labour and cost intensive modification of standard fabric. 

The plant can be run by a sole operator.

Special features:

  • Longitudinal bars up to a diameter of 25 mm
  • Automatic feeding of the transverse bars
  • Multi-head welding portal
  • Adjustable longitudinal and transverse wire spacing
  • Avoidance of expensive stock-keeping and costly rejects
  • Avoidance of expensive, due to time-consuming, modification of standard mats.

 BCM 2500BCM 3000
min. mesh width (mm) 300300
max. mesh width (mm) 25003000
mesh length  (mm) up to 12.000up to 12.000
longitudinal wire diameter (mm) 6-256-25
crosswire diameter (mm) 6-126-12
max. number of longitudinal wires2631
min. longitudinal wire pitch (mm) 5050
min. crosswire pitch (mm) 2020

Other specifications are available on request