VSA series - automatic pile cage welding machine

For the production of round, square and polygonal piles, columns and beams

High degree of automation – low manpower requirement!
More reinforcement cages for your concrete pile production in less time.

The VSA produces reinforcement cages of all cross-sections and of any length effectively and fully automatically off coil. It`s big brother, the VSA-ZK has been designed for the production of heavy-weight cages from bar.

The cages can be cut to length using a specially developed automatic circular saw which allows shearing without any interruption to the continuous production process.

A sole operative is required to supervise the machinery.



Semi-Automatic Cage Welding Machine for piles, beams or poles

This semi-automated apilion cage welding machine is especially designed for the production of heavyweight cages off-coil or with pre-cut bars for piles, beams or poles. The longitudinals have to be fed manually. The reinforcement cage manufactured will be fixed by the clamping-unit moving in front of the turning face-plate. 

Key machine features:

  • Longitudinal wire feed directly from standard wire coils – no stocking of prefabricated longitudinal wires.
  • Over 30 % more output compared to other reinforcement welding machines thanks to continuous production

Cage size (mm) 100×100 – 500×500100×100 – 500×500
Cage length anyany
Number of longitudinal wiresanyany
Longitudinal wire diameter (mm) 5-148-40
Winding wire pitch (mm) 30-16030-200
Winding wire diameter (mm) 5-106-14
Production output (m/min) 4
Longitudinal and winding wire coil weight (kg) 750/1000

other specifications on request