PSM - automatic cage welding machine

For the production of conical reinforcement cages for poles

High degree of automation – low manpower requirement!
More reinforcement cages in less time.

Based on the tried and tested ASMS, the PSM is designed for the production of conical reinforcement cages of any length.

The PSM shares the same important features with the ASMS but has been conceived specifically for the fabrication of  cages for conical poles for lighting, power transmission and telecommunication applications.

A sole operative is required to supervise the machinery.

 PSM 150
Cage diameter (mm) 110-1050
Cage lengthany
Number of longitudinal wires4-12
Longitudinal wire diameter (mm) 5-12
Winding wire pitch (mm) 30-200
Winding wire diameter (mm) 5-9
Production output (m/min) 4
Longitudinal and winding wire coil weight (kg) 750

Max. length & other specifications are available on request.