HWM - hoop welding machine

For the production of individual welded hoops for manhole components

Reinforcement rings – a cost-effective alternative to reinforcement cages.
Produce reinforcement cages directly from the wire coil!

Our own design, the apilion Hoop Welding Machine automatically forms and welds hoops for manhole production directly from coil.

The reinforcement wire diameter ranges from 5,5 mm (7/32in.) up to 8 mm (5/16in.). The hoop diameters are flexible up to 1800 mm (5.8ft) within a tolerance of +/- 5 mm (0.2 in).

The hoops are welded using cost-effective resistance spot welding technology, eliminating the need for welding consumables like gas or welding wire.

Approximately 400 hoops can be manufactured per hour. It will take only about 1 minute to change from one diameter to the other, whereby there are 2 sizes: one up to 1800 and one up to 2700 mm diameter.

The space required for this device is only 4,0 x 6,5 meter (12 x 20 ft).

Other specifications are available on request